We provide a service of tablet manufacturing in the following types of one-hopper tabletting presses:

High-speed Fette Perfecta 2000

Dies: 43 x EU BB up to diameter 13 mm
Main compression: 80 kN
Pre-compression: 15 kN
Maximum output per hour: 258 000
Sizes and shape of the tablets: Lentils, diameter 9 mm, 10,5 mm, 12 mm
High-speed Fette Perfecta 2000 is equipped with a unique systems of both forced filling which ensures mass uniformity, and hydraulic pressing, which provides high standard of mechanical properties of tablets.

High-speed Fette Perfecta 1000

Tabletting instruments: 20 x EU D up to 25 mm diameter
Main compression force: 80 kN
Pre-compression force: 15 kN
Maximum tablet production per hour: 120,000
Dimensions and shape of tablets we produce: Oval tablet sized 19 x 8 mm, 21 x 8 mm, 23.5 x 8.5 mm
Perfecta 1000 is equipped with a unique force-feeder system to ensure weight equality and a hydraulic compression force transmission system to achieve the high physical quality of produced tablets.

Tabletting provides a possibility of compressing the material, which allows lodgement in a high quantity of active substances in a batch. Tabletting also allows manufacturing in various shapes. By the appropriate choice of the tablet shape, the content of additives and the used technologies, the speed and the place of absorption of the active substances can be modified. Tablets are packed either into bottles or blister packs. The quality control is the essential part of manufacturing.

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