Capsule filling

Automatic capsule filling machine Fuchang

Capsule sizes: 0, the machine is able to fill sizes from 00 to 5

Maximum output per hour: 48 000

Filling material: powder, subtly granular substances

Before filling the capsule itself, the capsule filling machine performs fivefold compression of the material, which provides mass uniformity of the filling. The machine is also equipped with a polishing system and an automatic system for rejecting unfulfilled or incomplete capsules.

The capsule-filling technology allows to prepare an application form from materials which are less compressible, and therefore it is inexpedient to tablet them with a large quantity of additive and auxiliary substances.

Dosing form of the capsules allows to process substances prone to degradation, and enables preparation of application forms with controlled decomposition in various parts of the digestive tract. This dosing form is most suitable for the blister-packing technology. The quality control is the essential part of the capsule production.

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